NSS Nagasaki Sempaku Sobi Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, “NSS”) recognizes the importance of personal information, and takes thorough measures to safeguard all personal information in its possession. In addition to complying with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, the Act on the Use of Numbers to Identify a Specific Individual in Administrative Procedures, and other related guidelines, laws and ordinances, NSS ensures the appropriate management of personal information based on the following set of policies.

1. Acquisition of personal information

NSS shall only acquire personal information required within the scope of its business activities, including the name, address, ID number, telephone number, email address, date of birth, place of work, etc. of customers, applicants and employees. When acquiring personal information, NSS shall clarify the purposes of use in advance and acquire the said information using appropriate methods that comply with the relevant laws and ordinances. Acquired personal information shall not be used for other purposes without the consent of the individuals concerned.

2. Purposes of use of personal information

NSS uses the personal information it receives for business purposes only. This includes providing information on its business activities, concluding and executing contracts, developing new services, and providing information which may be of benefit to customers
Personal information is used for the following specific purposes:

  • Receiving opinions and feedback from customers
  • Dealing with inquiries and requests for materials
  • Introducing NSS’s products and services
  • Developing or improving services
  • Performing tasks involving the planning, designing and implementation of work
  • Concluding and executing contracts required for the carrying out of work
  • Conducting other necessary procedures for various applications, reports and business activities
  • Carrying out PR activities within and outside the company along with incidental tasks
  • Verifying work in terms of auditing
  • Processing and conducting employment screening
  • Other work required in the course of business activities

3. Sharing of personal information and provision to third parties

In order to achieve the abovementioned purposes of use, NSS may in some cases outsource work to partner companies and entrust personal information to these companies within the necessary scope of its business operations. In such cases, NSS shall conduct appropriate supervision and management of personal information, such as concluding a confidentiality agreement between NSS and the company to which operations are being consigned. Other than this, personal information shall not be provided to third parties without the consent of the individual concerned, with the exception of the following cases:

  • In the event that the consent of the individual concerned has been obtained
  • In the event that work is outsourced to a partner company or other company entrusted with operations with which NSS has entered into a confidentiality agreement
  • In the event that information is processed so that individuals cannot be identified, such as for acquiring statistical data
  • In the event that the provision of information is required or permitted by law, etc.
  • In the event that information is needed to protect a person’s life, wellbeing or assets, and obtaining the consent of the individual concerned proves problematic
  • In the event that a national or regional public body or business consigned by either of these necessitates the cooperation of NSS in implementing work prescribed by law, and obtaining the consent of the individual concerned proves problematic
  • In the event that the provision of personal information is required by a court, public prosecutor’s office, police or an organization possessing equivalent authority

4. Disclosure, revision or deletion of personal information, etc.

In the event an individual requests NSS to disclose, amend, make additions to, delete or terminate the use of personal information, or to terminate the provision of personal information to third parties, etc. (hereinafter, “Disclosure, etc.”), NSS shall deal as promptly as reasonably possible with the individual’s request, having first confirmed the identity of the individual concerned. Note that in some instances, such requests cannot be met in cases of lawfully-possessed personal information, etc. In addition, personal information acquired as part of inquiries for Disclosure, etc. shall be handled only within the scope needed for carrying out these procedures.

5. Prevention of leaks/misuse of personal information

In order to ensure the appropriate management and protection of personal information, NSS has put in place information security measures on its computer systems (introduction of security systems, restrictions over those granted authority of access, regular changes of passwords, etc.) and disposes of sensitive documents using proper procedures, thus preventing the loss, leakage or misuse of personal information. In the event that flaws are discovered in its management systems through an internal inspection or on the advice of an external organization, etc., NSS will work immediately to rectify the issues and take steps to prevent a recurrence.

6. Inquiries regarding personal information

NSS welcomes feedback or consultations concerning personal information. You can contact us using one of the below methods.
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