Since our foundation, we have continued to refine our technological development in step with the growth of Japan’s shipbuilding industry, centering on interior work for ship accommodations. From planning and design to construction, we have worked tirelessly to gain the trust of customers and meet their expectations as a company entrusted with total responsibility at all stages.
Looking back over the years, we have lived through many turbulent times, from Japan’s postwar decline to its recovery during the subsequent period of rapid economic growth, followed by the first oil shock. But we are where we are today because of these.
Based on the spirit of “foresight and forestalling,” an integral part of our corporate philosophy, we were not satisfied with merely limiting our sales to the Nagasaki area. Rather, we expanded our operations throughout Japan, and ventured into the Overland Business. Through this pioneering spirit, we have created innovation of all kinds through our novel ideas and new creativity.
Today, we find ourselves in another period of major transition in the environment, set amid the tides of the so-called 4th industrial revolution. We will continue to keep a firm eye on these imminent changes and diversifying needs, reflecting these in our business strategies and drawing up and implementing business plans.
Here at Nagasaki Sempaku Sobi Co., Ltd., we are going forward to become a one-hundred-year company. As we move towards this next milestone on our journey, we will endeavor to ensure the prosperity of our customers, the happiness of our employees and partner companies, and the betterment of society as a whole.


Kazutaka Akiyoshi