Fields of expertise spanning the seas.
Industry-leading proposal and procuring capabilities



The Overseas Business Division, charged with overseeing our global operations, consists of two sections: the Business Section and the Procurement Section.

The Business Section proposes and delivers high-quality and competitive products adapted to comply with international rules and meet the needs of ship owners. We handle ships of all types, and if needed will provide advice on the design and construction of accommodations to overseas shipyards. We have established an office in Taiwan, and promote Japan’s excellent manufacturing traditions overseas. In the future, we will not only supply materials but also carry out construction work in collaboration with overseas partner companies.

The Procurement Section can procure materials for ship accommodation interiors from around the world. In addition to facilitating the stable procurement of materials, we work to reduce costs companywide through the intensive purchasing of a range of imported materials, thus contributing to the sustainable growth of companies. We not only possess expertise in languages, but also have a wealth of practical experience and knowledge of the trading industry. We will also arrange technical meetings with overseas manufacturers on your behalf.

The Cruise Ship Section is newly established for the interior work for cruise ship built in overseas.
We procure special materials and manage construction locally in cooperation with local partners.
Based on the past experiences and know-how of construction management in Japan, we are developing our business overseas.

At present, we are currently mobilizing to participate in new business ventures overseas based on our wealth of experience in Japan. Fully utilizing our advantages in the form of proposal and procuring capabilities, we aim to expand our overseas businesses.


  • Exports of materials for ship accommodation interiors to overseas shipyards
  • Imports of materials for ship accommodation interiors

Example products

  • Wall/ceiling panels
  • Steel doors
  • Insulation materials
  • Deck composition
  • Floor covering materials (carpets, PVC flooring)
  • Portholes
  • Wooden furniture
  • Steel furniture
  • Pilot chairs



Business Section

Design, delivery and construction supervision to overseas shipyards
manage and construct interior work for passenger ships

Business Section, Taiwan Office

Sales activities, technical guidance and on-site management for ship owners and shipyards in Taiwan

Procurement Section

Imports of materials for ship accommodation interiors from various source countries and delivery to domestic branch offices


Italy, Australia, Austria, Korea, Singapore, Sweden, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, China, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Finland, France, Poland, etc.


  • Business-level language skills in English and Chinese
  • Expert knowledge of the necessary import/export customs clearance procedures and tariff systems right up until the ordered materials are delivered from the factory to the specified location in accordance with the trade conditions agreed upon in the contract with overseas manufacturers/clients
  • Broad range of knowledge on ship accommodation interiors, such as the quality of handled interior materials or the actual ways in which materials are handled on-site

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