Company information / Business Contentss
Ship B.D.
●Construction of Interior finishing for ship accommodation
●Construction of integrated outfitting work for accommodation
●Provision refrigerator work
●Heat-insulation work for LNG and LPG carrier
Overseas B.D.
●Export of ship interior materials for foreign shipyards
●Import of ship interior materials and furniture
●Import of furniture and other materials for buildings

Designing Div.
●Planning and designing of interior finishing of ship accommodaiton
●Technical development and planning of the interior system of ship accommodation
●Planning and designing integrated work
●Passenger Liners ●Ferries ●Container Ships
●Car Carriers ●Sightseeing Ships ●Marine Resource Research Ships

Interior B.D.
●Planning for commercial facilities location
●Planning, designing and construciton for commercial facilities
●Constructing work (commercial facilities, medical facilities and welfare facilities, etc.)
Registered business
●Construction work●Interior Finishing work●Carpentry
●Wiring electric cable work
Furniture Plant
●Manufacturing of furniture for ships, shops and houses
Unit Lavatory ●Panels
Unit bath & Shower room
Joiner door●Decoration materials etc.
Joiner door , Original curtain etc.
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