Company Overview

Trade Name NSS Nagasaki Sempaku Sobi Co., Ltd.
Head Office 1-5 Nishikotohira-machi, Nagasaki 850-0933, Japan,
TEL +8195-824-4411
FAX +8195-823-2242
President Eiichiro Uchino
Capital 280 million yen
Established September 1, 1943
Number of Employees 370(as of April 1.2024)
Sub-contractors About 1,200
Affiliates PanaHome Nagasaki Co., Ltd.
1-5 Nishikotohira-machi, Nagasaki-City 850-0933, Japan
Mukai Giken Co., Ltd.
3-10 Hirase-machi, Nagasaki-City 850-0985, Japan


September 1943: Nagasaki Kansen Sobi Co., Ltd. established
May 1946: Renamed as Nagasaki Sempaku Sobi Co., Ltd.
May 1960: Osaka Office established
November 1962: Tokyo Office established
July 1966: Chugoku Office and Onomichi Factory established
February 1967: Shikoku Office established
August 1973: New Head Office built in Nagasaki
May 1976: Overland business started
April 1978: Residential business started
October 2004: New Nagasaki Factory completed
October 2008: PanaHome Nagasaki Co., Ltd. established
October 2010: New Saijo Office and warehouse completed
February 2016: New Chugoku Office and warehouse completed
February 2016: New Ishinomaki Branch Office and warehouse completed
January 2018: New North Kyushu Office and warehouse completed
September 2023: 80th anniversary
Reconstructed Nagasaki Head Office

Organization Chart

President’s Office
Planning and Development Department Planning and Development Office
Quality Control Office
General Affairs Division General Affairs Section
Human Resource Section
Business Administration Division Accounting Section
Financial Management Section
System Section

Marine Headquarters

West Kyushu Business Division Nagasaki Office Nagasaki Branch Office
Koyagi Branch Office
Oshima Branch Office
West Kyushu Office Imari Branch Office
Sasebo Site Office
Ariake Branch Office
East Kyushu Business Division North Kyushu Office West Fukuoka Branch Office
Shimonoseki Branch Office
Oita Office Usuki Branch Office
Ozai Branch Office
Saiki Branch Office
Chugoku Business Division Chugoku Office Hiroshima Branch Office
Onomichi Branch Office
Kansai Office Okayama Branch Office
Koube Branch Office
Shikoku Business Division West Chugoku Office Imabari Branch Office
Imabari-kita Branch Office
Mihara Branch Office
East Shikoku Office Saijo Branch Office
Marugame Branch Office
Takamatsu Branch Office
Higashinihon BussinessDivision Kanetsu Office Yokohama Branch Office
Shizuoka Site Office
Niigata Branch Office
Kitanihon Office Touhoku Branch Office
Hakodate Branch Office
Overseas Business Division Business Section Taiwan Office
Procurement Section
Design Division No.1 Design Section
No.2 Design Section
Planning Section
Production Division Nagasaki Factory

Construction Business Headquarers

Nagasaki Construction Business Division NGS Office
Fukuoka Construction Business Division FUK Office

(As of April 1 , 2024)